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ICSSER is a culmination of like minded eminent researchers who joined together to build and strength research across Asia, the Largent continent pooling in experts from more than 50 countries. Asia is a very popular for its rich heritage and culture. Though having such credentials there still exist a gap in practical application of the results. This techno friendly world has open up sample opportunities for connecting researchers of the sae in science in the recent two decades cross border research collaboration has double up. The techno progressive culture has facilitated researchers expand their horizons connecting online.

The intense motivation drive behind this intellectual gathering is the promoting research across Asia. This will be research replica platform where researches conducted in one country can be conducted with necessary adaptation in other countries of Asia through the members of this Association. The research works will gain wide recognition, authenticity for its country wise interpretation which will provide multifaceted credibility. This platform will also serve as a channel in bridging young career seeking professional with experts of that field.


This firms aims to include societal responsibility among researchers of Asia converting the lab results as field application. This association facilitates confidential research networking ruling out research barriers.

About BHARGAVA Foundation for Research and Education

BHARGAVA Foundation for Research and Education is a national, professional and non profit organization with the objective of contributing to science and social science by promoting Research and Development coordination between researchers and academicians working in educational institutions.

BFFRE signed MoU with various education institutions to organize seminars, workshops, conferences and academic deliberations.


  • To develop and promote academic research activities in social science, science, commerce etc.
  • To institute various award such as Life- Time Achievement Award, Best Faculty Award, Excellent Award and Social Scientist Award etc.
  • To conduct Seminars, Workshops, Conferences etc in the Field od Social Science, Commerce, Education and other subjects.
  • To publish Journals, Books in ISBN No, monographs and other type of Literature on Social Science and other Subjects.
  • To offer consultancy activities related to research and development, publications and promotion extension activities and institutional accreditation process.
  • To provide grant in aid for research studies, faculty development and collaborative programme.

Our Consulting Members

Amrita Srivastav